Fellowship Foundation




We have no membership.  People become involved through being connected by a friend. There is no agenda, other than loving each other and helping people relate around Jesus. There are things held in common:

Fostering Small Groups


Fundamental to the work of the Fellowship is the nurturing of small groups of friends who meet together to reflect on the words of Jesus, share life issues, and pray together. The people in these groups, who might be alienated by religious or political differences, learn to share their lives and the friendships that grow help them find common ground.  In these trusted relationships the good ideas of Jesus can be processed in ways that they become part of the lives of those who meet.  This is one of the ways that people live out the command of Jesus to “love one another as I have loved you.”

Privacy and confidentiality distinguish these small groups from other interactions in modern life.  It is important for men and women to have a safe place where they can share their thoughts and feelings and receive wisdom and encouragement that comes from walking with others.

Valuing Reconciliation

A core belief for many participants in the Fellowship is encouraging reconciliation whenever possible.  First of all to be reconciled to God through Jesus Christ and then to walk with others in peace.  People at peace with each other become bearers of reconciliation in communities and organizations in ways that become healing and life-giving to others.

Serving Leaders

Women and men in positions of leadership face many challenges:  They need wisdom in decisions that affect those they lead; they need discernment on how to empower those who work with them; and they also run the risk of alienating colleagues, those they serve, and even friends and family.  Some people involved with the Fellowship help leaders meet these challenges by encouraging them to meet with peers in small groups where trust and friendship can grow.  As these leaders meet, sharing the precepts of Jesus, strong bonds are formed, many of which last a lifetime.  And often one of the important results from these growing friendships is wisdom on how to serve as leaders in the responsibilities they carry.